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My first contact with Aqua rentals was with Becky on the phone, straight away I could tell how friendly and passionate they were. Communication was excellent at all points of the process and even though I was slightly a little over excited to get the aquarium set up, I was not alone, Becky was just as excited for the children to get the opportunity to see the fish swimming.

We have already had several visits since, to check the fish's health and ensure everything is ok.

For the low cost a month the children absolutely love it and so do the parents who often stop on their way in or out to look and talk about the fish.

Danielle Howes - Manager, Helen Howes Day Nursery (Birkenshaw)

I absolutely love coming to my place of work just to see the lovely fishes provided by Aqua rentals. They come and clean the tank, provide you with food and everything you need for the fish and are really friendly to help you with anything you need. The service they provide is fabulous!  And our workplace wouldn’t be the same without our amazing tank & fishes. Our patients love them and so do the children.Thank you very much!

Nikki - Dental nurse at Butterfly Dental Care,

It's so refreshing to have a beautiful aquarium within the hospital. I can't begin to tell you what an impact it has on the children. The children we see are very poorly which can be very distressing, however on many occasions the children find the colourful fish and the bubbles very soothing and often takes their mind off how they feel. Our engineer is always pleased to visit us and service the Aquarium to make sure it looks perfect for our patients, visitors and staff. Thank you Aqua Rentals.

Lucy Knights - Sister, The Children's Assessment Unit

We find our tank very fitting with our office. We were concerned about the workload of having fish but Aqua Rentals take all this away from us leaving us simply to feed and water! The service is excellent!

Nathan Lumb - Manager at Green Revolution Properties

We have used Aqua Rentals for almost 15 years now and the tanks have certainly brightened up our branches over the years.

The tanks are positioned in a prominent position in the branches and they are always well received by our customers and members of staff. We had no hesitation in having a tank installed at our new branch that we recently opened in the centre of Pontefract and we have already had some positive feedback on how great the tank looks.

Claire Kendall - Partner, Richard Kendall Estate Agents

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Benefits of keeping fish

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Aquariums in the health sector

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Health benefits of having aquarium fish

Health benefits of having aquarium fish

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